Title: Paperback Writer: The Life and Times of the Beatles; The Spurious Chronicle of Their Rise to Stardom, Their Triumphs & Disasters, Plus the Amazing Story of Their Ultimate Reunion; A Novel

London: New English Library; Times Mirror, 1978. Originally New York: Grossett & Dunlap, 1978. Also New York, Sunridge Press, 1978. Also New York: Ace Books, 1980.

Description: 254 p.; ill., ports; 21 cm.

Notes: According to the writer, a "work of semi fiction... with one foot in reality". After an exclusive interview with Ringo, the writer loses his notes on the way home, and so "makes up his own version" of the story. A very funny novel, full of inside jokes. Includes a hilarious account of the first Dylan meeting with Lennon/McCartney and their collaboration on their unreleased classic "Pneumonia Ceilings" (below). Al Aronowitz, who was also there, has provided a somewhat different account of this event.

Subjects: Beatles fiction

ISBN: 0-450-04085-2 (pbk) London edition; 0-441-65124 (pbk) Sunridge edition $5.95

Review: This book is included in the EDLIS reading list.

The London Hilton

Words and phrases right
Cigarette ash keeps me up all nite

How come your xxxx mama types so fast?
Is daddy's flag flyin' at half mast?

Pneumonia ceilings, pneumonia floors
Daddy ain't gonna take it no more

Elephant guns blazing in my ears
I'm sick and tired of your applesauce tears!

Thermometers don't tell time no more
Since aunt mimi pushed them off the 20th floor

So say goodby to skyscrapers
You'll read about it xx in the evening paper

I picked xxx my nose & i'm glad i did

1 Park Lane, London W1A                             Telephone: ESSEX 2-5000

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