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                  Good car to drive, after a war

"Someone's got it in for me, they're planting stories in the press
Whoever it is I wish they'd cut it out
but when they will I can only guess"

-- Bob Dylan 1974 --

EDLIS Official Opposition To The Printed Word clef

EDLIS is officially opposed to the use of books and recommends you do not use books, this bibliography, libraries or book shops. EDLIS' official policy is to encourage you to go to Bob Dylan concerts.

That is it! The complete philosophy.

If however, on any particular day, you find this impossible, there is ersatz Bob Dylan available on the many hundreds of Bob Dylan albums available in good record and CD shops. (A good CD shop is simple to judge. If the racks of Columbia/Sony/Coopers product outweigh the racks of the smaller Dylan labels, then the shop is severely limiting your access to Mr. Dylan's albums.)

And the thousands of circulating DAT and analogue cassette tapes of Bob Dylan's work are of course preferable to commercial product, for ethical and many other reasons. Many concert goers make their own DATs of the concerts they attend. Don't forget to enter the concert hall only through the metal detector manned by the specially trained staff, easily spotted by their official badges.

Recommendations for the Incorrigible

If you have a bad book habit and do not intend to seek professional help to break it, then EDLIS does have four books it recommends to the incorrigible:
  1. Noebel, Rev. David A: Rhythm, Riots and Revolution: The Communist Master Music Plan

    This is the manual of the anarcho-syndicalist wing at EDLIS. Everything David Noebel is terrified of, this wing of EDLIS is devoted to. We are impressed that David Noebel saw what Mr. Dylan was up to at a very early stage and exposed him. He was educated in Madison, Wisconsin and it shows! He was pastor of a Bible Church in Madison and was an associate minister to the Church of the Christian Crusade. The Maoist/Shining Path splinter wings of EDLIS also favour parts of this manual, while rejecting some chapters as retrogressive running dog.

  2. Noebel, Rev. David A: The Marxist Minstrels: A Handbook on Communist Subversion Of Music

    This book is essential reading. David Noebel's obsessions with sex, rock & roll and political subversion are shared not only by Mr. Dylan but by all at EDLIS. We salute the American Christian College Press for bringing to academic publishing a standard no one else could even begin to imitate, exposing "Communist recordings designed to produce mentally sick children" (p. 23) and Bob Dylan "a sloppy, dishevelled Castro-looking cultist" (p. 203) who does not like Rock Hudson's sort of girl (p. 204)!?! How did David Noebel know all this way back then?

    This is the manual of the syndico-anarchist wing among EDLIS. They favour the more structured handbook nature of this textbook, the more mature work of David Noebel. EDLIS agents particularly study, "the tricks employed by Communist fronts when faced with the threat of exposure or prosecution" (p. 39 ff).

  3. Shipper, Mark: Paperback Writer: The Life and Times of the Beatles

    No one has shown greater insight into the way Bob Dylan writes than Mark Shipper.

    Some believe this to be the manual of the rumoured but unconfirmed breakaway Monarchists splinter group. Thought to be fanatic technophiles, this extreme group splintered from mainstream anarchist groups because of their experimentation with secret Sony technology for cloning exact duplicates of projected visions. It has been reported they have already produced their 11th Queen Elizabeth, and have been stockpiling clones of both the Beatles and Dylan.

  4. Cesar, Ligia Viera: Poesia e Politica nas Cancoes de Bob Dylan e Chico Buarque

    All EDLIS agents learn Portuguese in order to read this book. We trust you will learn it too. Portugal is a sunny place, with nice restaurants. So is Goa. So is Brazil. So is Angola. So is Macao? Mozambique? See you on the beach? Anyone care for one more cup of coffee?

Temporary Like Achilles [Medicine Sunday, Medicine Show]
The first Dylan lyric to be input into the computer archive (Version 1a)
earned world wide recognition and a major award.

If any readers still have any of the old punched cards from the pre-EDLISian days when lyrics were traded between mainframes on punched cards, could you submit them to the archive, through the EDLIS Eyelids Agent?


Rogue EDLIS Agent

Unfortunately the rogue EDLIS agent, Ron Chester, escaped from the net and his cell built an unauthorized bibliography in secret. Meanwhile from a secret location in the Netherlands, Ronald Lamars ably took over the agency as assistant agent, doing all the net work while Ron Chester was offline. Lamars' parents named him Ronald because they saw in a dream that he would one day be an EDLIS agent in the Ronaldic lineage. Chester's parents named him Ronald because they hoped he would one day symbolize a fast food item. They moved to California and set up a chain of brown rice, seaweed and dirty hot dog fast food restaurants. This is why he appeared as one of the characters in The Band's song The Weight. All attempts to control Ron have proved fruitless.

In the end we decided to abandon him and simply send him large quantities of the most obscure bibliographical references we can find, in the hope he will eventually lose interest in the books and return to the music. We hope you too will do the same.

Inundate him with bibliographical references. It is his only hope!

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Mrs. Gray
EDLIS Superhuman Crew Agent

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