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Title: Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation

New York: Continuum Publishing, 1994, pbk.

Description: 128 p., 28 cm., 16 p. of color ports, 25 p. with text, and the rest with black & white photos.

Notes: A collection of photography by the photographer who did the portrait of Dylan on the Nashville Skyline album. The book includes 21 pages on Dylan, 20 pages on The Band, 22 pages on the Woodstock Festival, plus photographs of many other celebrities, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, many other musicians, and even Marlene Dietrich.

The Dylan section starts with Landy's description of his first photographing Dylan in New York at the 1968 Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert. Sneaking in his camera, he got his shots and then passed off the roll of film to a friend before being caught by security, who removed a replacement unexposed roll of film from his camera, which he was pretending to protect from them.

The Dylan photographs take up where Kramer left off. The pictures were taken in Woodstock in 1968-1970, providing an unusual peek into Dylan's family life. There are many shots of Dylan with the kids and Sara, as well as others with his guitar, another on the trampoline, and two staged shots of him "hiding" from the camera.

Landy was interviewed by Paul Williams in Telegraph 30, p. 9-22 about the Dylan photography that ended up in this book. He reports that it was Dylan who suggested photographing the kids and putting them into a book ("maybe in about five years or so, when they're not recognizable anymore"). When the book was published, Dylan called to say he and Sara were upset about the book. Landy surmised that they might have been especially concerned about a shot of their young daughter naked, which appeared in the German addition of the book, but was left out of the US version.

Subjects: Photography

ISBN: 0-8264-0663-7 $19.95

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