Title: Bob Dylan

[1st ed.] New York: Citadel Press, Apr 1967

Description: 160 p. ports. 28 cm. (hb)

Notes: Kramer took thousands of photographs of Dylan between 1964 and 1966. He describes the context of the sessions and Dylan's changing personality in 28 pgs of text, with the photos, many of them now very familiar, comprising the rest of the book.

The photographs include many of Dylan at Grossman's house in Woodstock (reading a newspaper, in a rocking chair, playing chess, climbing a tree, practicing his bullwhip), many shots from Dylan's '64-'65 touring, some incredible shots capturing Dylan's joy while creating the Bringing It All Back Home album, and the famous two page portrait of Dylan ironing Joan Baez's hair.

This book was published long before the flood of Dylan books, only one year after the first book (other than songbooks) ever published on Dylan. It's appearance provided the first close-up look at Dylan, at the peak of his emergence, and it set a very high standard for picture books in capturing the spirit of the man.

Kramer discussed this classic book at length in his interview with Marjorie Kaufman in On The Tracks; Iss #6, Nov 15, 1995, p. 18-25.

Subjects: Dylan, Bob, 1941-

LCCN: 66-19752

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