Title: Bringing It All Back Home (1st ed.)

Title: Hoot! A Twenty-Five-Year History of the Greenwich Village Music Scene (2nd ed.)

Pantheon Books, 1986, 1st ed. pbk; NYC, St. Martin's Press, 1996, 2nd ed. pbk.

Description: 258 p., incl many B&W photographs, 23 cm.

Notes: This book compiled by the co-owner of Gerdes Folk City gives the oral history of the Greenwich Village folk music scene from 1960-1985 through hundreds of conversational quotes from the musicians and others who were there at the time. It is the perfect companion to Eric Von Schmidt's history of the Cambridge folk music scene. It has fewer pictures than the Cambridge version of the story, but it does include an index, which is lacking in the other book.

One chapter (p. 62-91) is devoted to the story of Bob Dylan, with excerpts from the 1984 Kurt Loder interview in Rolling Stone,, and the reminiscences of Dave Van Ronk, Susan Rotolo, John Hammond Sr., Ramblin' Jack Elliott, David Blue, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Oscar Brand, Mike Porco, John Lee Hooker, Carolyn Hester, Judy Collins, and others.

Subjects: History

ISBN: 0-312-10995-4, $14.95 US, $21.00 Canada (2nd ed.)


Author's Note / ix

The Village in the City / 1

Map / 2

In the New Bohemia / 5

The Fifth Peg / 16

American Folk Music Finds a Home / 24

Early Influences / 35

Bob Dylan: Making the Dream Possible / 62

Women / 92

Singer-Songwriters / 112

Passing the Basket / 134

Folk Music Plugs In and Turns On / 140

The Eclectic Seventies / 162

The Eighties: Just Like the Good Old Days / 200

Who's Who in Bringing It All Back Home / 234

Folk City Performer Roster, 1960-1985 / 249

Index / 251

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