How to Order Paul Williams Books

Signed copies of Paul Williams books can be ordered directly from the author. He has provided the following information about ordering.


  • Williams, Paul: Bob Dylan: Performing Artist: the Early Years, 1960-1973
  • Williams, Paul: Bob Dylan: Performing Artist: the Middle Years, 1974-1986

    There are a small number of these two titles still available in paperback for $15.95 each.
    The hardback editions (much nicer) are available for the Special Price of $25.00 each.
    The list price of the hardbacks is $39.95.

  • Williams, Paul: Watching the River Flow: Observations on Bob Dylan's Art-in-Progress, 1966-1995

    This book can be purchased in paperback for $17.95 each. Or the hardcover limited edition (1000 copies all signed and numbered; no dust jackets) can be purchased for $39.95 each.


    Please add $1.50 per book ordered, for postage.

    Sales Tax

    California residents only must add 7-1/2% of the book price (postage excluded) for sales tax.


    The author signs all books ordered directly from him. He will also add a personal inscription if you tell him who the book is for when you order.

    Placing Your Order

    Send a check or credit card information (Visa or Mastercard only) to:

    Paul Williams
    Box 231155
    Encinitas CA 92023

    Or call (619) 753-1815 to place a credit card order. If you don't mind sending your credit card information over the net (a bit risky) you can email the credit card info and order to:

    "Paul S. Williams" <>

    Or just email that you want to place a phone order, giving your phone number and the time of day and time zone when you can be reached at that number. It would be nice if you could mention that you found out how to order from this website.


  • Williams, Paul: Remember Your Essence
  • Williams, Paul: Common Sense: A Guide to the Present Situation

    These are not music books, but they and other non-Dylan books can be ordered as well. Paul Williams has published over twenty books. He'd be glad to send you a catalog. Unfortunately all of his other Dylan titles are out of print.

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