Title: The Ship Who Sang

New York, Ballantine, 1st ed., Mar 1970.

Description: 248 p.; 18 cm.

Notes: A novel about the brain of a woman implanted in the titanium body of an intergalactic scout ship. (We've all met a few of those, haven't we?) Dylan makes a brief appearance, by way of a discussion of "Dylanists", musical propagandists. " A Dylanist is a social commentator, a protester, using music as a weapon, a stimulus. A skilled Dylanist ... can make so compelling an argument with melody and words that what he wants to say becomes insinuated into the sub-conscious... You can imagine how effective that is when you're proselytizing for a cause."

Subjects: Science fiction

ISBN: 0-345-33431-0 pbk $4.95

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