"Newspaper reporters, man, they're just hung-up writers, frustrated novelists. They don't hurt me none by putting fancy labels on me. They got all those preconceived ideas about me, so I just play up to them."
-- Bob Dylan 1965 --

Dylan Interviews

Others Interviewed about Dylan

Chronological Listing of Dylan Interviews & Press Conferences

The following list of Dylan interviews and press conferences was compiled by Stanford University scholar, Tino Markworth, who has generously granted permission for its use in this bibliography. The interviews are listed in date order, based on the date the interview was first published, as this date can be determined, whereas the actual date of the interview may be difficult to determine. In addition, the publication date is more useful for those wanting to locate copies of the original publications. In a few instances where an interview was first published long after the fact, the interview is listed around the approximate time it occurred, with the publication date noted afterward.

Each entry begins with the name of the publication (in italics) that first carried the interview, followed by its publication date, and the name of the interviewer (in parentheses). The press conferences are shown in all CAPS with the date each occurred. When a transcript of an interview or press conference is available on the net, a link to the transcript is provided. Many of these are at the excellent interviews website, Bread Crumb Sins.

When an interview or press conference has been reprinted in another publication, these other appearances are briefly noted on the next line after the main entry in bold type. These citations use the following abbreviations:

  • Back = Look Back (American fanzine)
  • Bat = Loder, Kurt: Bat Chain Puller: Rock & Roll in the Age of Celebrity
  • Drei = Charpentier, Renaldo: Bob Dylan: Drei Interviews 1977/78 (German)
  • Fiddler 1 = Filth, Dr: The Fiddler Now Upspoke: A Collection of Bob Dylan Interviews, Vol 1
  • Fiddler 2 = Filth, Dr: The Fiddler Now Upspoke: A Collection of Bob Dylan Interviews, Vol 2
  • Fiddler 3 = Filth, Dr: The Fiddler Now Upspoke: A Collection of Bob Dylan Interviews, Vol 3
  • Icons = Worrell, Denise: Icons: Intimate Portraits, New York, 1989
  • Occasionally = Occasionally (UK fanzine)
  • Retro = McGregor, Craig: Bob Dylan: The Early Years: a Retrospective, 1990
  • R S/Herbst = Herbst, Peter: The Rolling Stone Interviews: Talking With the Legends of Rock & Roll, 1967-1980
  • R S/Holt = Holt, Sid: The Rolling Stone Interviews: The 1980s
  • Series = Series of Dreams (American fanzine)
  • Talkin' 78 = Diddle, Gavin: Talkin' Bob Dylan: 1978
  • Talkin' 84 = Diddle, Gavin: Talkin' Bob Dylan: 1984
  • Talkin' 85 = Bicker, Stewart: Talkin' Bob Dylan 1984 & 1985: Some Educated Rap
  • Telegraph = The Telegraph (UK fanzine)
  • Tracks = On The Tracks (American fanzine)

    Thanks for your help, Tino!

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