Title: The Penquin Book of Rock & Roll Writing

London/New York: Viking 1992, 1st ed

Description: 682 p., 24 cm.

Notes: A large collection of writings on rock & roll, spanning 35 years; including album notes, on-the-road insider tales, music criticism, discussions of the aesthetics of rock, and obituaries for some of the greats (Lennon, Hendrix, Joplin, etc). Included is 'A Night with Bob Dylan' published under Al Aronowitz's byline in the NY Herald Tribune in Dec 1965, as a companion to Kramer's Dylan photographs. Aronowitz later admitted that Dylan had helped write the spoof piece about a 'typical' night for the master.

Subjects: Rock & Roll Commentary

ISBN: 0-670-84559-0 $27.50 (hb)

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