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Song & Dance Man

It's not a biography, but if you are interested in comments on his early songs in a very academic manner there is a book called "Song and Dance Man" ... sorry I don't have it now and have forgotten the author ... I thought it was great.

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Rumors of an impending new edition of "Song and Dance Man" have been circulating for the last two or three years. I, for one, feel that Mr. Gray's book is second only to the Paul Williams volumes as far as analysis of Dylan goes. Gray is still bound to being a critic of songs (rather than individual performances) as texts, but at least he is conscious of the lyrics as *performed* poetry not merely written words. He talks about Bob's vocal inflections, etc. Also, he is not afraid to advance a critical or unusual opinion; his negative comments on "Ballad in Plain D" and his contention that "Just Like a Woman" deals with possible homosexual experimentation on Bob's part both roused some ire when I posted them on r.m.d within the past year. I hope the new, updated edition becomes a reality someday soon!


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