Title: Drawn Blank

New York/Toronto: Random House, 1994. 1st ed.

Description: 125 unnumbered pgs, 26 cm.

Notes: Contains 92 original sketches, done by pencil, charcoal and pen, from 1989-92. From Dylan's forward:

'My drawing instructor in high school lectured and demonstrated continuously to "draw only what you can see" so that if you were at a loss for words, something could be explained and even more importantly, not misunderstood. Rather than fantasize, be real and draw it only if it is in front of you and if it's not there, put it there and by making the lines connect, we can vaguely get at something other than the world we know.'

There's a novel notion: Dylan at a loss for words!

Subjects: Bob Dylan original sketches

ISBN: 0-679-41788-5; HB $30 US; $42 Canada

Review: Telegraph 51, Summer 1995

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