Title: Tangled Up in Tapes: The Recordings of Bob Dylan, 3rd ed.

SMA Services: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1994

Description: 366 p.; 135 color & B&W photos; 28 cm.

Notes: Exhaustive guide to tape recorded Dylan performances, official and bootleg; audio, video, and film. In the Detailed Discography, each recording session, performance, or other taping is separately listed with details of date, location, songs recorded, official albums they appeared on, and more. An index then lists each song, and points to the performances where each was recorded. The second half of the book provides detailed Tour Charts for the 1974 through spring 1994 tours. Each tour begins with a chart listing the dates and venues for that tour. This is followed by a chart listing all the songs played on the tour, with the order of the set list given for each different venue. This makes it easy to compare the set lists at different points in a tour. The Detailed Discography presents information in a format similar to that used by Krogsgaard, but the Tour Charts are unique to Dundas. Finally there are charts giving the number of times each song was performed in each year from 1974-1994, as well as a listing of all songs, which gives the songwriter for each.

Subjects: Reference

ISBN: None: pbk. $40; hb $50

Table of Contents


2 ..... Photo Credits

4 ..... Dedication

5 ..... Detailed Discography

107 ..... Index To Detailed Discography

125 ..... Video & Film - Professional

137 ..... Line Recordings of Tour Concerts

150 ..... Official Releases

183 ..... Video & Film - Audience

188 ..... Tour Charts (1974-1994)

346 ..... The Missing Tapes

347 ..... Index To Tour Songs

355 ..... The Songs & The Writers

364 ..... Appendix

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